My name is James Perry, and the purpose of this site is to showcase my interest and understanding of investment finance and analysis, as well as a working knowledge of the markets and the causal relationship within the economy.

Along with my CV, which can be viewed here, this site will reflect an ability to present financial information and my personal understanding of a number of factors in a clear and concise way, as well as show a tenacity to standout by doing something different. Fundamentally this site will be used to support the job application process and provide a greater insight into my commitment and motivation behind starting a career in investment finance.

I have done this in two ways; first through showcasing my personal investments, and second through writting a number of articles about things which I find interesting. The working understanding I have of investments, the markets, research and analysis have all been self taught and as such I am looking for a graduate, training, or entry level position within the financial sector.

If you wish to get in contact my details are available on my CV, or the Résumé page.

But first, a little background information about me…

Year in which I graduated Reading University
Graduated with a high 2:1 in Philosophy and International Relations
Un-leveraged returns from my personal stock portfolio
In 2011 I graduated from Reading University with a high BA 2:1 in Philosophy, International Relations and Strategic Studies. It was a fascinating degree covering a diverse range of topics from nuclear proliferation and intelligence gathering, to the Anglo-American special relationship and the economic impact of Britain’s involvement in the EU. Research and qualitative analysis were major aspects of the degree which helped strengthen my systematic and detailed approach in critiquing a question or thesis. It also helped reinforce my ability to articulate speculative opinion in written text, class debate, and presentations.

My degree was fundamental in starting my own small investment portfolio using savings which I had earned throughout University from an extra curricular project in commission based affiliate marketing. Along with the methods I had learned for qualitative research from my degree, Maths and Economics to A Level standard provided the base for numeric analysis, and a high level of computer literacy allowed for quantitative charting and evaluation.

The financial gain on these long term investments was obviously good to see, but the underlying interest and enjoyment for me came in researching a business, understanding the strategic challenges they faced, and analysing speculative forecasts and risk on both a micro and macro level. The force of the market is also a big interest for me and I am presently teaching myself some technical analysis skills to better understand this. It’s fascinating to see global effects on the market and how geopolitical events influence the value of a business, as well as the interconnectivity between sectors and companies.

I realise this is only the start of a career within investment finance, but I am determined to apply my knowledge and diverse skill set to a professional environment, contribute in a unique way, and work hard for long term gains in a company where accountability and results are rewarded. For more information and contact details please have a look at my CV here.

A selection of personally written articles about things which interest me.

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